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  • Wood and Pewter Challah Board with Knife
    Wood and Pewter Challah Board with Knife

Wood and Pewter Challah Board with Knife


The style of this Challah board is pure Shabbat.The classic design involves Wood and pewter, together forming a rich and artistic deep colored shabbat scene that will bring your shabbat table to the next level. It also includes a challah knife with the words ‘lichvod shabbat’ engraved in it.

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SKU : 17010
MSRP: $119.95
Sale price: $89.95
The beautifully laid out table full of the best dishes and fancy Kiddush cup and array of the most delicious foods of the week, in other words the shabbat table, is in the center of the Jewish lifestyle, a relaxing and sensational end to the week, full of time to catch up on sleep, reading and study, and attend your synagogue for a wonderfully laid back Shabbat. And at the center of all of what shabbat is, at the center of the Shabbat table, with its very own important blessing, is the Challah. And with such a central role to play in Shabbat, the Challah surely deserves a tray that rivals the fancy Kiddush cup in beauty and style. This is the one to choose for the task, because it is certainly stylish and unique, with dark wood and pewter in a beautiful design, and its own matching knife set into the board.
  • Size (cm): 40 x 30
  • Size (Inch): 16 x 12