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  • Laser Cut Flowers Hanukkah Menorah
    Laser Cut Flowers Hanukkah Menorah

Yair Emanuel Hand-Painted Laser Cut Flowers, Hanukkah Menorah

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This metal Hanukkah menorah, crafted and hand-painted by one of the masters of Israeli art, Yair Emanuel, features two spectacular options for design. A remarkable work of Israeli Judaica and Israeli art, this menorah is the perfect home for your Hanukkah candles.

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One of the most compelling images of the Jewish holiday calendar is the image of a family gathering together on Hanukkah (also spelled Hanukah, and pronounced Chanukah in Hebrew) to light the Hanukkah candles. Many families choose to beautify this tradition with a gorgeous Hanukkah Menorah (also spelled menora, and known as a Hanukiah, or Chanukiah in Hebrew), which holds the candles. One candle is kindled on the first night of Hanukkah, and the number of candles increase by one each night, so that on the eighth and final night eight shining lights represent the eight nights, along with the ‘shamash’ (Hebrew for ‘helper’ or ‘servant’), an extra candle which is used to light the other candles and is then displayed.

World-renown Israeli artist and painter Yair Emanuel, famous for his dazzling pieces of Israeli Judaica and Israeli art, has created a metal, beautifully hand-painted menorah that lends class to any candle-lighting ceremony.

The latest  laser metal-cutting techniques are used to craft menorahs into two possible unique shapes, and then each one is hand painted to perfection. This item measures 11.4’’ x 18’’ x 2.7’’ and is available in the following designs:

Birds in Pomegranate Tree: The base of this menorah is rectangular, with nine holes cut into it to house the candles. Perpendicular to the base and rising behind it is a delicately cut pomegranate tree, laden with many multicolored pomegranates, leaves and birds. The spectacular colors enhance a remarkable piece of Judaica and Israeli art, which is beautiful to behold either with candles or without them.

Multi Flowers – Once again, a rectangular base is used to hold the Hanukkah candles, with a dazzling, decorative design rising behind it. A beautiful bunch of blooming flowers rises behind the candles, with the sparkling colors vividly enhancing the candles’ light.

This terrific menorah is guaranteed to delight as a Hanukkah gift or as a gift to any appreciator of fine Judaica and Israeli art.