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  • Noah’s Ark wooden fitted Chanuka menorah
    Noah’s Ark wooden fitted Chanuka menorah
  • Jerusalem wooden fitted Chanuka menorah
    Jerusalem wooden fitted Chanuka menorah
  • Yair Emanuel Wooden Fitted, Hanukkah Menorah (2 designs)
    Yair Emanuel Wooden Fitted, Hanukkah Menorah (2 designs)

Yair Emanuel Wooden Fitted, Hanukkah Menorah (2 designs)

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This exceptional Hanukkah menorah is made of nine small wooden “pillars”, which fit together like puzzle pieces. Beautifully painted by famous Israeli Judaica artist Yair Emanuel, each piece can hold one candle, and together – they form a colorful menorah.

Suitable for standard Hanukkah candles
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44 Candles

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Sale price: $128.95

Leaving dreidels, latkes and other traditions behind, the menorah (or Chanukkiah in Hebrew) is easily the most prominent symbol of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah (also spelled Hanukka, and pronounced Chanukkah in Hebrew). One candle is lit on the first night, and the number is increased by one each night, so that on the eighth and final night all eight candles shine together in a blaze of glory, along with the “shamash” – the ninth candle used to light all the others, which is displayed alongside them.


Many families choose to beautify this age-old tradition by buying gorgeous Hanukkah menorahs. World-renown Israeli artist Yair Emanuel has achieved fame through his many remarkable pieces of art and lovely Judaica pieces. With this menorah design, he has once again created a truly memorable Channukia.

Each candle is placed in a small wooden pillar, which contains a small hole with a brass casing to hold the candle and protect the wood from it. The pillars are shaped like puzzle pieces, so that while standing alone they have a curvy shape, but they fit neatly one alongside the other. This creates the option of displaying the entire menorah throughout the holiday, or adding one pillar each night, along with its candle. 


This unique menorah comes in two possible designs:

1. Jerusalem – This pattern features spectacular paintings of the vistas of ancient Jerusalem. The smooth curves of the drawings and dazzling colors truly bring the Holy City to life, while the Hanukkah candles show the city in a light never seen before.

2. Noah’s Ark - Spectacular drawings of the different animals brought onto the ark, as well as great images of the ark itself and Noah’s rainbow stretching across the entire menorah bring this biblical tale to life.


Each pillar of the menorah is elaborately hand painted and then coated with three layers of lacquer, rendering it waterproof and enabling its cleaning by hand. When complete, the menorah measures 12.5" X 4.5" X 1.6".

Perfect as a Hanukkah gift, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah gift, housewarming gift or just as a gift to a lover of beautiful Jewish art – this menorah is sure to thrill the lucky recipient.