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  • Extra Aravot [Willow Branches]  for Hoshana Raba- 2 pack
    Extra Aravot [Willow Branches]  for Hoshana Raba- 2 pack

Extra Aravot [Willow Branches] for Hoshana Raba- 2 pack

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Aravot - Willow Branches - are one of the four species used on the Sukkot Holiday. In addition, the aravot are used in a special ceremony on the last day of Sukkot, called Hoshana Raba

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The Jewish holiday of Sukkot, or the Feast of Booths [aka Tabernacles], encorporates a ceremony for waving the arba Minim [four species] together in all directions. The aravot are one of the four species along with the Lulav, Etrog and Hadassim.

The aravot are special in that at the end of the 7 day holiday [or 8 days if not in Israel] they alone are used on the one additional day for celebrating the bounty of this harvest period called Hoshana Raba, which literally means 'the great praise'.

On this last day, the two aravot branches are supplimented with 3 more to form a bundle of 5 branches which are then beat on the ground after special prayers are read.. The reasons for this custom are found in kabbala and include prayers for the speedy arrival of the messiah.

During the temple period, Aravot were also placed around the alter with their tops bending over the alter each day of the Sukkot holiday.

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