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  • Galilee Silk - Appliqued & Handpainted Pure Silk Matza Coverr - Pyramids
    Galilee Silk - Appliqued & Handpainted Pure Silk Matza Coverr - Pyramids

Galilee Silk - Appliqued & Handpainted Pure Silk Matza Cover - Pyramids


Appliqued silk with lovely hand painted design on a 3 layered pure silk Matzah Cover. A beautiful gift or nice enhancement to your Passover table!

Process Time (business days): 7
SKU : 14438
MSRP: $61.92
Sale price: $39.95

A simple depiction of the Pyramids of Egypt helps recall the story of the slavery of the Children Of Israel while sitting at your Seder table.

Three layers are sewn together to hold the 3 different matzot symbolizing Cohen, Levi and Yisrael used during the Passover Seder.

Size: 36 cm [approx 14.2 inch] square


Our silk fashion line brings you fascinating silk clothing items and accessories in irresistible patterns and colors: silk scarves, silk shirts, T-shirts with silk applique, silk skirts, silk sarongs, handbags, silk necklaces and much, much more.

Our two lines touch and interlink in a way that our fashion items always look updated and modern, and our fashion items carry the ambiance of the deep, meaningful place we come from and work in.

Most of our products are hand dyed silk items. We invest all we can in creating the most interesting and touching color combinations, but are always open to other wishes and tastes. We encourage you to look at our color chart and choose for yourself which items you would like in which colors.

Galilee Silks evolved over 15 years from the work of a group of creative women, residents of Galilee. Raw silk, dyed and painted in various techniques, is the basic material for a growing industry of pure silk items. Galilee Silks products incorporate other soft and transparent delicate materials and fibers, decorated with pure silk. Our dynamic studio and workshop develops new innovative and unique products, answering the growing worldwide demand for genuine handmade creations.

  • Size (cm): 150x30 cm
  • Size (Inch): 59 Inch x 11 Inch.8