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  • Garden of Eden Hanukkah Menorah by Shraga Landesman
    Garden of Eden Hanukkah Menorah by Shraga Landesman
  • Garden of Eden Hanukkah Menorah by Shraga Landesman
    Garden of Eden Hanukkah Menorah by Shraga Landesman

Shraga Landesman Garden of Eden, Hanukkah Menorah

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Award-winning Israeli artisan Shraga Lendesman has crafted a remarkable menorah. Made of cast aluminum or brass and featuring trees, an antelope and a bird– this piece of Israeli Judaica represents the Garden of Eden, and is exquisite in its modern flavor, attention to detail and fine touches.

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One of the most moving moments of the Jewish calendar is when an entire family gathers around a Hanukkah menorah to light the Hanukkah candles. Indeed, the prominent symbol of Hanukkah (sometimes spelled Hanukka or Hannuka and pronounced Chanukkah or Chanuka in Hebrew) is the menorah (sometimes called Hanukkiah or Chanukkiah in Hebrew), leaving the dreidel, latkes and jelly doughnuts far behing. Accomplished Israeli artisan and Israeli Judaica crafter Shraga Landesman has crafted a stunning menorah that is breathtaking in its beauty as well as fully functional.

It is customary to light one Hanukkah candle on the first night of Hanukkah, and add one candle on each night, until on the eighth and final night all eight Hanukkah candles shine in glory, accompanied by the “shamash”, the candle which is used to light the other eight and then displayed.

Made of cast metal (available in aluminum or brass), the rectangular base features nine holes for the eight candles and the “shamash”. Rising behind them are two trees at opposite ends of the base – one representing the “Tree of life” at the right side, and at the left, a tree representing the “Tree of Knowledge”. Two railings connect the trees, with a bird perched near the “Tree of Knowledge”, representing the spiritual world, and an antelope perched next to the “Tree of Life”, representing the material world.

This design is the artist’s unique way of explaining why these two trees were created on the sixth day of creation, on the same day as Man (based on Genesis 2:9); and not on the third day, along with the rest of the trees. Shraga’s explanation? The tree of knowledge symbolizes choosing between good and bad, which is a major part of the human experience on earth. Nonetheless, this theme can be a great topic of discussion among the family members or in any social setting.

This stunning piece of Israeli art is a sure discussion-starter, and the perfect Hanukkah gift, or gift on the occasion of a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, housewarming, engagement, anniversary or engagement.

Measures 22 X 29 X10 cm (8.8” X 11.6” X 4”) and is available in Cast Aluminum (wt 820g) or at an additional cost, brass (wt 1950g) versions.

  • Size (cm): 29 x 22 x 10
  • Size (Inch): 11.4 x 8.6 x 3.9