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  • Hadad Sterling Silver Kiddush Goblet - Carved Wreath Cameos
    Hadad Sterling Silver Kiddush Goblet - Carved Wreath Cameos

Hadad Sterling Silver Kiddush Goblet - Carved Wreath Cameos

No Longer Available

Hadad Silversmiths created this 925 sterling silver kiddush goblet to decorate your Shabbat & holiday table. Made in Israel by Jewish artisans. Sterling Silver Wt 116g.

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MSRP: $516.78
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The Kiddush cup is an integral part of every festive Jewish meal. Do your Shabbat or holiday Kiddush wine proud – let the warm ruby red tones of the fruit of the grape gleam against the polished 925 sterling silver of this Kiddush goblet from renowned Israeli silversmiths Hadad.  

The sterling silver goblet has an elaborately carved wreath pattern of ribbons, flowers and leaves that surround raised oval cameos. The design repeats four times around the cup which holds the Shiur [halachic amount] of wine required for Kiddush and for the four cups of the Passover Seder. A simpler version of the carved oval cameo design decorates the foot of the goblets stem.

Sterling silver saucers embossed in the same pattern as the goblet are available for purchase separately - create a matching set and protect your holiday table linens from drops of wine.

Silver Judaica pieces from Hadad are handmade in Israel by Jewish artisans. There is no need to Tovel them (immerse them in a mikva) before use.

Height of cup: 5.7" (14.5 cm)

About Hadad Brothers Silversmiths:

…it all began by the silvery glow of a lantern, as Grandfather Hadad forged, engraved, decorated, and adorned another one of his unique masterpieces. In those days, everyone knew that an exceptionally beautiful silver piece could only be obtained from the Hadad family, and each client would arrive at the artist's workshop, with his own heart's desire, to witness Grandfather [aka Rabbi Shalom Hadad] fulfilling his precious dreams. From then on, the name of Hadad Bros. became synonymous with pure silver pieces, boasting a longstanding tradition of artistry and quality.

Hadad Bros is a family run company that has been in business for three generations. The current factory was opened in 1964. 


  • Silver weight: 116 grams