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  • Herons on Aqueduct Hanukkah Menorah. Israeli Judaica by Shraga Landesman
    Herons on Aqueduct Hanukkah Menorah. Israeli Judaica by Shraga Landesman

Herons on Aqueduct Hanukkah Menorah, Menorahs for Sale

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An original piece combining Israeli Judaica, Israeli art and functionality

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One of the most endearing and symbolic moments during the Jewish year is when the entire family gathers around to light the Hanukkah candles. Indeed, the Hanukkah menorah (also spelled menora, and known as a Hanukkiah, or Chanukkiah in Israel) is clearly the most famous symbol of Hanukkah (also spelled Hannuka, and pronounced Chanukkah in Hebrew), leaving the dreidel (top), latkes (potato pancakes) and jelly doughnuts far behind.

On the first night of Hanukkah one candle is lit, and on each following night one candle is added, until on the eighth and final night eight candles shine together harmoniously. An additional candle, the shamash, is used each night to light the other candles, and then is also displayed.


Award-winning Israeli artisan Shraga Landesman has applied his boundless creativity, years of training and experience into crafting a masterful Hanukkah menorah that combines the natural with the unnatural, the past with the present, practicality with class and beauty. The base of this menorah is shaped like the lower half of a pipe, which is actually the model of an ancient aqueduct. In ancient (and not-so-ancient) times, water was routed using wooden pipes, rocks, and other devices. Even today, in many parts of Israel remnants of old-fashioned aqueducts can be found.

Nine holes for the candles are formed in the base, to house the eight regular candles along with the shamash. From one side of the base, a small tree-trunk rises, with a jutting branch parallel to the base, and two more branches protruding upwards. Between the latter two branches a star-shaped device is placed, which was used to direct water into the pipe. Two herons are perched on the parallel branch, apparently looking for food. The heron is a bird native to the Land of Israel and is mentioned in the bible (Leviticus 11:19). This remarkable image of Israeli nature conveys a serene scene which soothes just by being observed, an image that is all-too rare these days. Contrasted with the unnatural Hanukkah candles, which symbolize the unnatural miracle of Hanukkah, this Hanukkah menorah for sale offers much food for though.

The perfect Hanukkah gift, Bar/Bat mitzvah gift, anniversary gift or simply as a gift to any lover of Israeli art, modern Judaica and classy Jewish art, this item is a sure winner. This menorah measures 30X32X10 (12 x 12.8 x 4 inch) and is made of cast aluminum.

  • Size (cm): 30 X 32 X 10
  • Size (Inch): 12 x 12.8 x 4