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  • Intricate Hamsa Blessing over the Home
    Intricate Hamsa Blessing over the Home

Intricate Hamsa Blessing over the Home

New Arrival

This shiny silver plated decorative Hamsa shaped Blessing over the Home kills two birds with one stone; good fortune for your home, and good fortune for you.

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The carved whorls surrounding the inscribed words of the Blessing over the Home set into this Hamsa catch the eye with their ruggedness.
The Birkat Habayit itself is a blessing written for the purpose of protecting the good fortune of the people within. This piece of Judaica is an excellent item to give as a housewarming gift, or any other occasion that you would wish to gift someone!
בזה הבית תשרה הברכה, יתמלא הוא תמיד שפע אור ושמחה בו ידורו אחווה שלום שלווה, וידעו כל שוכניו רוב בריאות ואהבה
In this home will be found blessing, it will always fill up with abundance, light, and happiness. In it is found peace and restfulness, and all who live in it will know lots of health and love.
B'zeh habayit tishreh habracha, yitmalleh hu tamid sheffah or v'simcha, bo yaduru achvah shalom shalvah, v'yed'u kol shochnav rov bri'ut v'ahava

  • Size (cm): 15
  • Size (Inch): 5.9