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  • Jerusalem Hamsa Hebrew Home Blessing
    Jerusalem Hamsa Hebrew Home Blessing

Jerusalem Hamsa Hebrew Home Blessing

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This Birkat Habayit wall hanging is in the shape of the hamsa - an old mystical symbol that has been in existence for millennia. The text is written in a beautiful Hebrew script, and the trinket has a looped cord for hanging on your wall or cabinet. Makes for a perfect housewarming gift for families that has just established new residence.

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This Birkat Habayit (similarly known as Blessing Over the Home) wall hanging in the shape of a hamsa is made out of plexiglass and aluminum -  and accented with attractive blue gems. The importance of this particular piece of judaica is to protect the Jewish home from evil spirits that may lie beyond the front door. The hamsa has a similar significance, as it is a symbol of protection from the “evil eye.” The hamsa is particularly fascinating because it’s not exclusively a Jewish symbol, but in many cultures it signifies the same meaning as the Jewish one. It has been used as a symbol for thousands of years, and makes the perfect vessel for the Birkat Habayit. Hang this trinket in your home or give it as a present, as blessings make the absolute  best of gifts.
בזה הבית תשרה הברכה, יתמלא הוא תמיד שפע אור ושמחה בו ידורו אחווה שלום שלווה, וידעו כל שוכניו רוב בריאות ואהבה
In this home will be found blessing, it will always fill up with abundance, light, and happiness. In it is found peace and restfulness, and all who live in it will know lots of health and love.
B'zeh habayit tishreh habracha, yitmalleh hu tamid sheffah or v'simcha, bo yaduru achvah shalom shalvah, v'yed'u kol shochnav rov bri'ut v'ahava

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