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  • White Hamsa with Hebrew Business Blessing
    White Hamsa with Hebrew Business Blessing

White Hamsa with Hebrew Business Blessing

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Similar to the Blessing of the Home Judaica room decor, this floral Hamsa business blessing wall hanging blesses and welcomes all who enter their workplace, promoting peace and livelihood.

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MSRP: $37.73
Sale price: $26.95

Set against an intricate Hamsa backdrop, this spiritual Judaica Blessing over the Workplace wall decoration welcomes employees and blesses all who enter with abundant peace and livelihood.
The Hamsa is a mystical symbol found in many ancient Middle Eastern cultures. It is said to resemble a hand, and is seen by many religions as the hand of a prominent female personality from their theology. Israelis call the Hamsa the hand of Miriam.
בזה הפתח הצלחה לבטח בזאת הכניסה שפע ופרנסה בזאת המלאכה תבוא הברכה בזאת הפינה תשרה השכינה בזה המקום ברכה ושלום
In this opening success is sure and in this entrance plenty and livelihood, in this work will come the blessing, in this corner will stay the shechina, in this place blessings and peace
B'zeh ha'petach hatzlachah l'betach b'zot ha'knissah sheffah v'parnasah b'zot ha'melachah tavo ha'brachah b'zot ha'pinah tishreh ha'shchinah b'zeh ha'makom brachah v'shalom.

  • Size (cm): 35*29
  • Size (Inch): 13.7*11.4