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  • Hammered Convex Sterling Silver Mezuzah Case with a Crown and Jerusalem
    Hammered Convex Sterling Silver Mezuzah Case with a Crown and Jerusalem

Hammered Sterling Silver Mezuzah Case Crown and Jerusalem

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This is a regal and rich looking 925 sterling silver Mezuzah. It is cylindrical in shape. It has a hammered convex case. It has a Jerusalem panorama and the Hebrew letter “Shin”. The ends of the case have a crown. All of the details are rendered in precious casting.

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Handmade, kosher Mezuzah Parchment Scroll

MSRP: $469.00
Sale price: $336.00

This is a truly stunning Sterling Silver Mezuzah case that will make your door post look dignified with its rich details that echo the love and magnificence of Judaism and Israel. It has a cylindrical shape and a convex case that has been handmade from sterling silver then polished and hammered to excellence. The top of the case has a royal crown of gold and its bottom has been imprinted with a golden panoramic view of the old city of Jerusalem with all the details rendered in precious casting. The middle of the case features the Hebrew letter “Shin” also in gold. This Judaica item would make a lovely gift for any true lover of Israel.
A Mezuzah is a piece of parchment scroll that contains the “Shema Yisrael” prayer written on it by a scribe then placed inside a decorative case - also called a Mezuzah. The case is affixed to the doorframes of Jewish homes as reminder to keep the commandments of G-d every time they enter or leave a room. The Hebrew letter “Shin” is another name for G-d.

  • Size (cm): 13
  • Size (Inch): 5.1