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  • Tea Light Candlesticks With Rows of Pearl Decorations
    Tea Light Candlesticks With Rows of Pearl Decorations

Tea Light Candlesticks with Rows of Pearl Decorations

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These clever Shabbat candlesticks manage to balance tea candles at the top without being top heavy and without looking unbalanced. The rows of silvery pearls give it that decorative touch to finish the look and create some beautiful (and practical) Shabbat candlesticks.

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MSRP: $839.00
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Tea candles are much easier to handle than typical tall Shabbat candles. These special Shabbat candlesticks allow you to use tea candles and yet still remain fancy and splendid, as is appropriate or such  a special mitzva as candle lighting. These sterling silver Judaica candle holders are the traditional standing tapered candlesticks. But in this case, on top there is a candle holder shaped like the rim of a tea candle. Silvery pearl rows decorate the candlesticks and complete the look of respectable and stylish Shabbat candlesticks.  The Lighting of the candles is a very unique experience, covering the eyes and blessing the glowing shabbat candles, you can almost feel the peacefulness of Shabbat flowing into the home. As such, in most Jewish homes, there are special candle holders for the special mitzva, to accentuate the beauty and holiness that is involved.

  • Size (cm): 7.5
  • Size (Inch): 2.9