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Sterling Silver Hanukkah Menorah Colorful Flower Cutouts

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A beautiful, 925 sterling silver Judaica menorah / chanukiya / candelabra for use during the Chanuka holiday. With its wide base, vibrantly colored candlesticks in assorted hues, and dainty floral cutout designs, this is a truly unique and beautiful addition to your Chanuka holiday celebration.

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44 Candles

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A gorgeous, vibrantly colored Menorah/Chanukiya/Candelabra for use and enjoyment on the Chanuka holiday, made from Sterling Silver. This Judaica item features floral cutout designs, a sturdy, wide base, and nine colorful candleholders - one “shamash” and eight regular holders for each night of Chanuka. A beautiful way to commemorate the miracle of this wintertime holiday. (Made by hand in Jerusalem by the artisans at Bier Judaica.)
Chanuka (pronounced “Kha-noo-kah” or Hanukkah) is perhaps one of the most well-known Jewish holidays observed in the modern era. Also known as the Festival of Lights, the Judaica and rituals of this holiday commemorate an ancient miracle that G-d bestowed on the Jewish people in the wake of a fight for freedom from foreign conquerers. Ancient Greek warlords ravaged the Holy Land and defiled the Temple in Jerusalem, but a group of priests formed a resistance group called “Macabim” (“Maccabees”) to fight back and reclaim the country. While restoring the Temple to its former splendor, it was discovered that there was not enough pure oil to light the Temple’s Menorah for more than a day; however, a miracle occurred and the oil that remained lasted eight days.

  • Size (cm): 15×45
  • Size (Inch): 5.9 x 17.7