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  • Sterling Silver Menorah Mezuzah with Gold Shin
    Sterling Silver Menorah Mezuzah with Gold Shin

Sterling Silver Menorah Mezuzah with Gold Shin

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This elegant Mezuzah case carries two important Jewish symbols – Menorah and Hebrew letter “Shin”. With its accentuated symbolism, fine workmanship and generally harmonious appearance, it represents Judaica worthy to contain the Shema and to be placed on the Jewish door.

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Handmade, kosher Mezuzah Parchment Scroll , one size for all cases 7 cm

MSRP: $81.95
Sale price: $67.95

Through the ages Mezuzah cases are produced in a variety of shapes and materials. This nice Mezuzah is characterized by simple shape and accentuated symbolism. It has elongated oval shape, and it is made of sterling silver. Polished surface carries big silver motif of Menorah, one of the greatest Jewish symbols. Above it there is the Hebrew letter “Shin”, traditionally used on Mezuzahs. Silver Menorah and golden “Shin” create harmonious composition. Both symbols are made in soft lines. This elegant Mezuza can fit well every door post. It can be valuable item in your Judaica collection, or a special present for someone's new home.
Mezuzah case is placed on the door post to contain valuable door scroll with the Shema and to mark good Jewish house. It serves as a reminder to passers-by to infuse the daily doings with holiness and good deeds.

  • Size (cm): 11
  • Size (Inch): 4.3