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  • Jerusalem on Lilac, Prayer shawls for Women
    Jerusalem on Lilac, Prayer shawls for Women

Jerusalem on Lilac, Prayer Shawl for Women

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This beautiful Tallit is  hand-made of pure silk with a multi-colored Jerusalem design on lilac background. This talit makes a great gift for your life partner who likes to stand out! The Bracha is printed on the collar piece. Complete with bag and kippa. 
Process Time (business days): 14
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MSRP: $224.95
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The Tallit (often pronounced tallis) is the biblical prayer scarf. It's a rectangular garment made of almost any fabric with fringes known as Tzitzit on all four corners. These garments always feature Tzitzit.
Tallitot (or talleisim) have a neckband, known as the Atarah, embroidered with the tzitzit blessings. The fringe traditionally includes a cord of radiant blue. Thus you will be reminded to perform Mitzvot and to be sacred to the lord.
Galilee Silks is surely Israel's premier silk designer. They specialize in professional dying, decorating, and weaving of unprocessed silk and other fabrics and make an excellent, unique Israeli clothing and fabric ritual objects.
The workshop is located  in Kibbutz Beit Haemek in the upper Galilee region of northern Israel. Amongst their silk patterns are skirts, bracelets, jackets and jewelry with silk applique, and Judaica goods. Galile Silk is the largest producer of distinctive Tallitot (prayer shawls) for women. All the Talitoth come complete with Halachically certified Tzitit (fringes).
  • Size (cm): 51 x 183
  • Size (Inch): 20 x 72