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  • Pink and Cream, Prayer Shawls for Women
    Pink and Cream, Prayer Shawls for Women

Pink and Cream, Prayer Shawls for Women

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The cream & pink women's Tallit is silk decoration with white, cream and pink ribbons. This is beautiful Tallit for all age women from Bat Mitzva girl to mature women. The collar is printed.
Process Time (business days): 14
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MSRP: $167.95
Sale price: $119.95
The Tallit (also referred to as a Tallis) can be a prayer shawl, the most sacred Biblical outfit. Linen, wool & silk are the traditional materials, but all fabrics are OK. The Talit has fringes - Tzitzit on every corner.
A talit has a neckpiece or Atarah, with decorative stitching upon it. The Lord spoke to Moses: Saying_ Speak to my people and teach these folks to make her/himself fringes round the edges of every 4-cornered raiment and to affix a fringe of azure and purist white wool to all its corners to be sacred to God.[Leviticus15: 37-41]
The Tallit (prayer shawl) is the visible mark of the divine in the World below and surely a mantle of leadership.
Purple and light glowing blue layered represent the excellence of G-d and his chosen Messiah.
Galilee Silks is Israel's major Fashion house that devotes itself to hand-produced, silk. The designer products and Ceremonial items are exclusive.
Women's Tallitot for divine worship produced in fine Silk and other fabrics are the fastest growing segment of this trade. They are a specialty of the artists at Galilee silk.
  • Size (cm): 51 x 183
  • Size (Inch): 20 x 72