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  • Rainbow Silk & Wool, Prayer Shawl
    Rainbow Silk & Wool, Prayer Shawl

Rainbow Silk & Wool, Prayer Shawl

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This colorful wool and silk Tallit features all the colors of the rainbow. It brings to mind God’s promise to Noah and us all to never to destroy by flood. It is really fitting to leaders of children's worship or choir's director. 
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The Tallit (also known as a Tallis) is a prayer shawl, by far the most holy Biblical garment, made of linen, or silk with unique fringes known as Tzitzit on each corner.
A Tallit has a neckpiece or Atarah, with decorative stitching on it. The Lord told Moses: Speak with the Israelites and teach these people to make for themselves fringes around the sides in their clothes and to affix a cord of azure for the fringe on each corner and to be sacred to God.[Leviticus 15: 37-41]
The Tallit (prayer shawl) is a noticeable mark of the Expression of faith in The lord's saving potential that is certainly a mantle of leadership.
Purple and  light blue layered symbolize the Great Priest and mark the Messiah.
In today's modern day community, there exists the focus is on producing products rapidly so that costs will be as low as possible, with little or no grace.
Galilee Silks is Israel's leading Designer  specializing in hand-made, hand-dyed silk fashion items, accessories, and Ceremonial items.
Women's Tallitot for Children's worship Services and Bat Mitzvah Tallitot are a new product in Silk Tallitot. This Segment is fast growing and is a specialty of the Galilee silk Workshop.  
  • Size (cm): 50.8 x 183
  • Size (Inch): 20 x 72