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  • Silk Tallit with Purple Spring design
    Silk Tallit with Purple Spring design

Silk Tallit with Purple Spring design

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This beautiful Tallit is a work of art by Galilee Silks. Purple colored wonderful memories of spring seem to emanate from the fashionable hand painted pure silk fabric. A design of purple spring flowers completes the look, uniquely ideal for a women's Tallit.

Process Time (business days): 5
SKU : 17088
MSRP: $229.95
Sale price: $159.95

This gorgeous Tallit is for those women who genuinely want to participate in the mitzva of donning a Tallit for their morning prayers. They want to add that focus and motivation and special connection with the words in the prayer-book, through the wearing of a Tallit. As such, they should be able to find a Tallit that matches their sense of style, something they can truly enjoy wearing, which will make them feel inspired, and start the day in the most amazing way possible. What better Tallit than one specifically made for her tastes? With a base color of purple violet, this Tallit features purple spring flowers and a wonderful purple Atara. Certainly owning this Tallit will lend that special lady her best of focus and motivation and inspiration every morning when she wraps herself in her unique Tallit and proceeds with her morning prayers nurturing that private connection between her and God.

  • Size (cm): 52 x 178
  • Size (Inch): 21 x 70