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  • Silver Jerusalem on Blue Silk, Tallit Prayer Shawl
    Silver Jerusalem on Blue Silk, Tallit Prayer Shawl

Silver Jerusalem on Blue Silk, Tallit Prayer Shawl

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This unique Tallit for women features a distinctive hand painted silk panel in shades including  blue and green embroidered with  silver drawings of  Jerusalem's skyline. The hand-woven atara printed is deep royal blue. 
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The Tallit (also known as a Tallis) is a prayer shawl, by far the most sacred Biblical garment, made of linen, or silk with exceptional fringes generally known as Tzitzit on each and every corner, the corners are usually doubled and stitched to protect them from being torn by the tzitzit.
A Talit contains a neckpiece or Atarah, with elaborate stitching on it. The Lord shared with Moses: Talk to the Israelites and coach these people to generate for each of them fringes all around the ends on their garments and to affix a cord of azure for that fringe on each corner and to be sacred to Our god.[Leviticus15: 37-41]
The Tallit (prayer shawl) is usually a noticeable label from the Phrase of religious beliefs inside the lord's preserving likely that is definitely absolutely a mantle of leaders.
Galilee Silks is Israel's leading Designer  specializing in hand-made, hand-dyed silk fashion items, accessories, and Ceremonial items.
Women's Tallitot for Children's worship Services and Bat Mitzvah Tallitot are a new product in Silk Tallitot. This Segment is fast growing and is a specialty of the Gallilee silk Workshop.  
  • Size (cm): 51 x 183
  • Size (Inch): 20 x 72