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  • Sterling Silver Hammered, Kiddush Cup
    Sterling Silver Hammered, Kiddush Cup

Sterling Silver Hammered, Kiddush Cup

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Beautiful sterling silver Kiddush cup complete with saucer.The hand hammer makes these unique, no two are exactly alike. This is an original Judaica artwork.

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Adi Shtub Silver has been a Jerusalem landmark since 1950. 
An important item of Jewish Lifestyle accoutrements is the Kiddush cup. the Kiddush Cup  (or Becher in Yiddish) Is so named because it is used to hold the wine or grape juice (or even shnapes or beer, is the M'Kaddesh or blessing reciter so chooses)that is used to sanctify the Shabbat or any Biblically ordained holiday.
The annual Holiday cycle features special benedictions over wine and the occasions are made even more special by drinking the wine from a very special silver goblet or Kiddush cup kept only for this purpose. The crowning jewel of the kiddush ceremonies is, of course, on the Passover when four cups of wine (or for the youngsters, grape juice) are drank in the quintessential celebration of national redemption that was the Exodus from Egypt by the children of Israel. 
  • Size (cm): height: 11
  • Size (Inch): height: 4.4