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  • Sterling Silver Hammered, Kiddush Goblet
    Sterling Silver Hammered, Kiddush Goblet

Sterling Silver Flat Rim Hammered, Kiddush Goblet

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This tall stemmed Israeli sterling Kiddush Cup Is a statement lf the elegance of products of a simpler time. the hand hammered finish gives it  an air of timelessness.
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MSRP: $349.00
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Adi Shtub Silver has been a Jerusalem landmark since 1950. The shop, located in the center of Jerusalem, commissions and markets unique Judaica Items made from the finest Silver from a wide variety of Israeli Judaica craftsmen.
An important item of Jewish Lifestyle accoutrements is the Kiddush cup.
The Kiddush cup, is an icon of Jewish life is in Judaica and is much more even from that! Blessings over wine are recited at EVERY occasion of importance in Jewish ritual life. The use of wine is paramount and requires a certain receptacle for the beverage.These include at the Brit Milah circumcision, Bar Mitzvah coming of age, culminating with all of the beautiful custome performed at the Jewish wedding under the chuppah, wedding canopy. A small Kiddush cup is even a traditional gift for parents on the event of the birth of a new son or daughter. 
  • Size (cm): height: 14.5
  • Size (Inch): height: 5.7