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  • Handmade Grace Tallit, Prayer Shawl
    Handmade Grace Tallit, Prayer Shawl

Handmade Grace Tallit, Prayer Shawl

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The Handmade "Hesed" (grace in Hebrew) tallit is professionally woven from cotton thread. The unique design of our prayer shawl is a traditional classic. Striping is shades of  blue, silver, sky blue, and white. This Tallit is crafted from finest cotton on traditional looms

Process Time (business days): 14
SKU : 16233

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MSRP: $349.95
Sale price: $279.95
Many of us can see that inside the technological world we stay in, there's so very much focus is on making things swiftly to ensure that they are as reasonably priced as possible.
By this small Jerusalem weaving studio, they enjoy supplying articles woven and created by hand - for the glory of G-d and to enhance your existence. They put love and holiness in every single manufactured good that leaves their shop. At israel-catalog.com we have been proud that our work allows these to to both conserve their time honored artwork as well as to provide these traditional prayer shawls suitable for you.
Expert weaver, Ori, is very skilled at reaching for that spiritual resource - for these wellsprings of existence. Inside the functions, you will discover accuracy, tranquility, and balance that suggest attention to detail - while using their deep faith in the Master of the Universe.
We rely on your selection of these fine taleisim that they may find fulfillment of you spirit.
  • Size (cm): Small: 55 x 190. Large: 115 x 190
  • Size (Inch): Small: 21.6 x 75. Large: 45.3 x 75