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  • Small Painted Wood Mezuzah Case with Bird and Antelope and Pomegranate Tree
    Small Painted Wood Mezuzah Case with Bird and Antelope and Pomegranate Tree

Painted Wood Mezuzah Case Bird Antelope Pomegranate Tree

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This is a wooden mezuzah case which features a beautiful artwork on its face, comprising of a bird, an antelope and a pomegranate tree. The colors used for artwork are acrylic (non toxic) and the case has been lacquered to prevent aging of the painting. The product is recommended not just for personal use, but also as a gift for any friend/family at a Judaica event.

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Handmade, kosher Mezuzah Parchment Scroll

MSRP: $19.95
Sale price: $13.95

The elegant painting atop this wooden mezuzah consists of a harmony of vivid colors and expert command in designing. It showcases a pomegranate tree spiralling around a bird and an antelope. The painting covers the 3 sides of the rectangular prism, while the side facing the wall has an attachment tape which makes installation very convenient.
The mezuzah case is an integral part of the Judaica art world. The holy Shema scribe is kept inside it and is hung outside the house to usher blessings on all those inside the house.
The case has passed stringent quality control tests and is guaranteed to have a high quality and be free of all defects. It is shipped in a safe and secure packaging to any address of your desire.
Note: The Mezuzah case does not come with a Shema scribe inside the package.

  • Size (cm): 12.5 x 2.5 x 1
  • Size (Inch): 4.9 x 1 x 0.4