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  • Yair Emanuel Birds in Gold, Raw Silk Tallit
    Yair Emanuel Birds in Gold, Raw Silk Tallit

Yair Emanuel Birds in Gold, Raw Silk Tallit

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The Yair Emanuel Birds in Gold Raw Silk Tallit Prayer Shawl is an embroidered work of art and creative genius. Very traditional themed and yet so modern, fun, and colorful, this Tallit incorporates Judaism into the world of today and your daily prayers in a beautiful way.
Includes matching tallit bag and kippah.
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MSRP: $264.00
Sale price: $189.00
The value of a Tallit that can truly catch your glance and force you to appreciate all the beautiful things in life and nature and the world that Hashem made is indescribable. Because such a wonderful Tallit is going to further the purpose of it by truly inspiring you to pray every day with honest appreciation and wonder for the glorious world that was created for us, and a true appreciation and love for the creator. Not to mention that with artistry like the embroidery on this garment, it's not only an appreciation of the theme but rather also of the artwork itself as a beautiful thing. As such it is the ideal gift, and the ideal Tallit for you to by personally for yourself too and see how much you can expand the level of meaningfulness in your prayers.