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  • The Bible Rivers Ornamental Kiddush Fountain Divider
    The Bible Rivers Ornamental Kiddush Fountain Divider

The Bible Rivers Ornamental Kiddush Fountain Divider

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Magnificent tall 27 centimeter Kiddush fountain with 8 small cups and divider. It is engraved with ornamental floral designs and the names of the 4 rivers of Eden in Hebrew and a tray for sharing kiddush wine with family or everyone present at your table during Shabbat or Jewish holidays.

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This splendid and traditional 27 centimeter kiddush fountain made of silver plated nickel has a removable big cup at the top with a wide octagon shape opening where, after kiddush is done on it, the wine is then poured at the top and distributed evenly to all 8 cups. It has the names of the four rivers of eden engraved along the base of its top stem in Hebrew. It is etched with intricate ornamental floral designs and excellent judaica craftsmanship. The fountain comes with 8 small cups and a divider. It would make for an excellent Bar Mitzvah gift. It also comes with a tray decorated with the same floral designs that makes it perfect to carry as you serve wine and carry on the tradition.
This piece is Kabbalistic in nature and tradition and those who drink from this fountain are believed to be endowed with the unique attributes of the 4 rivers that flowed through Eden that branched off from the original river that is deemed the “River of Life”. Drinking from it is believed to give one the attributes of Mercy from the river Pishon, Strength from the river Gichon, Beauty from the river Chedekel and Kingdom from the river Frat.