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  • Good Girl Crosshatch Childrens Kiddush Cup
    Good Girl Crosshatch Childrens Kiddush Cup

Good Girl Crosshatch Childrens Kiddush Cup

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An adorable small Children's Kiddush cup coated in silver with the Hebrew phrase "yalda tova" (good girl) in a silver border engraved behind a beautiful diamond crosshatch background design.

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This beautiful children's Kiddush cup makes for a good Judaica gift for girls of all ages to drink grape juice to sanctify Shabbat or Jewish holidays and celebrate any special occasion. It is plated with nickel and engraved with the Hebrew phrase ""yalda tova"" which translate to ""good girl"" in English inside of a silver border. The words are on top a beautiful silver coloured diamond crosshatch design that surrounds the cup and gives it a charming feel. The cup also has a holder suitable for a child to hold as they drink grape juice so they don't spill it.
Since children cannot drink a cup of wine their Kiddush cups are usually filled with grape juice for them to participate in the sanctification of Shabbat or Jewish holidays as they recite blessings thanking God. Kiddush cups are also presented as gifts on special Jewish occasions such as brit, naming, bar mitzvahs and instil great tradition in them to carry into the future.

  • Size (cm): 5.5
  • Size (Inch): 2.1