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  • Silver plated Kiddush Goblet & Saucer, Pillow Lattice and Vine
    Silver plated Kiddush Goblet & Saucer, Pillow Lattice and Vine

Silver Plated Pillow Lattice and Vine, Kiddush Cups

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Silver plated Kiddush goblet comes complete with a coordinating saucer, both have a pillowed lattice and engraved vines pattern going around them. Perfect as a gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah child, a special wedding present, or to present to a family member as a holiday gift.

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Kiddush is the ritual blessing on wine at the start of of every festive meal on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. A silverplated Kiddush goblet with matching saucer is a beautiful way to add a touch of elegance to this rite. This silver plated goblet is engraved all around with a pillowed lattice pattern, over which a leafy grape vine is carved as a band around the goblet's cup. The vine also encircles the foot of the goblet in a smaller version. A delicate stem completes the goblets design. The coordinating saucer has a similar lattice and grapevine pattern on its rim. The round flat bottomed goblet holds the ritually correct amount needed for chanting this Kiddush blessing. Kiddush cup sets are the perfect gift for a bar mitzvah boy or bat mitzvah girl, a father's day gift, as a special holiday gift or as a chattan set for a young couple starting out their married life together.


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  • Size (cm): Goblet height: 15 , Saucer: 15
  • Size (Inch): Goblet height: 5.9 , Saucer: 5.9