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  • Walls of Jerusalem Kiddush Cup - Silver Plate
    Walls of Jerusalem Kiddush Cup - Silver Plate
  • Walls of Jerusalem Kiddush Cup - Pewter
    Walls of Jerusalem Kiddush Cup - Pewter

Walls of Jerusalem, Kiddush Cup

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This attractive kiddush cup is bound to enhance any Shabbat or special occasion.  The design is not only wonderfully artistic, but also highly symbolic, depicting the historic skyline of ancient Jerusalem.  This Kiddush cup is both eye catching and meaningful. 

Available in Silver Plate or Tewter .

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This impressive Kiddush cup is both practical and artistically pleasing on the eye, making for an impressive piece of Judaic art.  Essentially, it is a straightforward piece – The goblet itself is one complete cylindrical container, with no need for a stem.  It is complemented by a cup stand, which ensures that any split wine will be prevented from reaching the table.  Both the goblet and accompanying tray are made from silver and are a glittering addition to any Shabbat table.


However, there is also another aspect to this Kiddush cup, in that it also happens to be a fantastic piece of Judaica art.  The Kiddush cup itself is traditionally a decorative item, with the purpose of enhancing the Shabbat Kiddush.  In the case of this particular item, it is guaranteed to make any Kiddush that little bit more special.  The silver design depicts the iconic Jerusalem skyline, detailing the ancient city wall and buildings.  Not only is the design both intricate and exquisite, but it is also highly symbolic.  The city has been identified closely with the Jewish people for over 3,000 years, so what better way of ensuring that the thought of Jerusalem is at the forefront of your mind than with this special Kiddush cup?      


This piece would make for a perfect gift to commemorate any special occasion.  However, if you are looking for an attractive piece of Judaic art, then look no further than this Kiddush cup, which will also make a valuable addition to any collection.