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  • Kosher Sukkah - Complete Royal Sukkah (6x8) with Schach
    Kosher Sukkah - Complete Royal Sukkah (6x8) with Schach
  • Kosher Sukkah - Complete Royal Sukkah (6x8) with Schach
    Kosher Sukkah - Complete Royal Sukkah (6x8) with Schach
  • Kosher Sukkah - Complete Royal Sukkah (6x8) with Schach
    Kosher Sukkah - Complete Royal Sukkah (6x8) with Schach

Kosher Sukkah - Complete Royal Sukkah (6x8) with Schach

No Longer Available

Complete Sukkah kit for 7 people.Our extra spacious ROYAL SUKKAH is 7.5' x 6'x 8', available in 3 colors.Includes a 10-year warranty.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 12883
Sorry - product is No Longer Available. please contact us for info.
MSRP: $999.00
Price: $749.00
Sale price: $599.00

The Kit includes:

  1. Sukkah Frame
  2. Fabric
  3. Schach
  4. English assembly manual
  5. 10 Year Warranty
+The Royal Sukkah is the World's Best-Selling Sukkah.Materials:+The Royal Sukkah is made from the leading materials used in today's top quality Sukkot:+The frame of the Sukkah is made from galvanized iron for the preventing rust, and colored in heater epoxy special for the coloration of iron.+The iron profiles of our Sukkot are the thickest in the market and produced particularly for the American market, which celebrates Sukkot in the fall season, characterize by rain and strong winds.+The walls of the Sukkah are made of high quality parachute texture in high congestion. They are resistant to laceration, natural wear and are stain and water resistant.+The excellent quality of these substances is the reason why we can give a 10-year guarantee on its Ease Lock line of Sukkot.+Measurements:+7.5' High x 6' Wide x 8' Long, suitable for More than 7 people.+Assembly and Storage: +The main reason for the success of the Royal Sukkah is the simplicity of assembling the Sukkah.+There is no need for a screwdriver, screws, nails or any other tools.+In order to alleviate the process of assembly, it is recommended to use rubber malt.+Storage of the Sukkah is simple and does not require much space.+Mehadrin Bamboo Schach+The Bamboo Schach is manufactured accordance to the strictest Halachic standards. The Schach is made from bamboo strips that are joined by raffia – all natural plants ('Gidulei Ha'aretz'). It is hand made for the sole purpose of the Mitzvah of Schach.
It is all 'Mehadrin min Hamehadrin'.
The Schach is treated to resist rain spoilage and to resist the weather conditions in North America.
Our Schach has a Hechsher from the Beit Din Tzedek of Jerusalem ('Badatz') and from the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of America.
The Schach is available in a variety of sizes.+· Long lasting+· Minimum storage+· Supplied with a carrying bag for easy shipping and storage+The following Hechshers have been granted to our Sukkah Schach:+1. BEIT DIN ZEDEK of all Ashkenazic Congregation in Jerusalem+In our presence the s'cach for Sukkah named' Sukkot Nehalim Knai Suf' was made and produced under the supervision of a mashgiach appointed by Sukkah Depot+We therefore certify the above-mentioned Kney Soof covering and regard it Kosher even for Mehadrin..+The Hechsher is only for the those that are sold in a packaging with a yellow stripe with the printing'Kney- Soof' on the packaging+2.Central Rabbinical Congress of the U.S.A & Canada+We hereby certify that the Schach for Sukkah called' Kney Soof' and 'Kney Bamboo' were produced from vegetationgrown outdoor specifically for Schach.+Under the supervision of the Rabbis the Gaonim Shlit'a, members of the special Beit Rabbinut for Hechshers, they are kosher and up to standard as Schach even for the strictest Mehadrin standards.+The Hechsher is on. Given Kney Bamboo product sold in a dark green bag on which is printed the stamp of the Beit Din, and to the Kney Soof product sold in a green bagwith yellow stripe on which is printed the stamp of the Beit Din+3. Hechsher given by Beit HaHoraah Hashem Daat of The Rishon le Zion Rabbi Ovadiah YoesfHaGaon Shlit'a+We hereby certify that we inspected the Schach named 'Kney Mehadrin ' made of natural reeds attached to each other with a natural plant called 'Gavee' and sold by Sukkah Depot,in the opinion of Maran Rishon LeTziyon Shlit'a this schach is Kosher for sure without a doubt. Verified: Sho't 'Yacheve Daat' Helek Alef Siman Samch Dalet.