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  • Jumbo Ornate Silver Plated, Hanukkah Menorah
    Jumbo Ornate Silver Plated, Hanukkah Menorah

Jumbo Ornate Silver Plated, Hanukkah Menorah

No Longer Available

This Hanukkah holiday a large silver Hanukkia will impress your guests with a traditional Jewish object of Judaica that you can buy from the Paldinox Novell Collection. This is big enough to use it with standard sized Shabbat candles to make the Jewish holiday shine.

Can be used as oil or candles menorah

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Are you looking to impress your holiday guests this Hanukkah with a Menorah from silver that will hold bigger, more standard sized candles?

If so, here’s one menorah that has both elegant lines and is impressively large enough to light up the whole Jewish holiday. This Hanukkah candelabra is made of silver and has the main part designed in connecting and mirror image “s” vine like shapes. This has the shamash set in the middle of these sets of vines, is set apart with another separate vine. All this floats above another two more of these shapes to complete the look of the body.

From below the shamash and the holders for the candles for the eight days is a main stem in an inverted teardrop shape that tapers down to an ornately decorated base that has four pear shaped pieces that are connected with more intricate vines.

The candle holders are sized to use with Shabbat candles and the whole hanukkia stands 56cm high and 50cm wide making it a piece of Israeli made Judaica that will truly highlight your holiday table, and amaze your guests with its classically rich and luxuriant lines and timeless beauty, or as an extra special Hanukkah gift.

  • Size (cm): High:42, Wide: 32
  • Size (Inch): High:16.5, Wide: 12.5