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  • Ceramic Childrens Noahs Ark Hanukkah Menorah
    Ceramic Childrens Noahs Ark Hanukkah Menorah

Ceramic Childrens Noahs Ark Hanukkah Menorah

No Longer Available

Give your child a gift they’ll never forget, with this adorable and charmingly colorful painted ceramic Judaica Hanukkah menorah in the style of Noah’s ark, for use on all eight nights of this age-old winter holiday. Each candle, including the shamash, sits atop one of the many animals Noah rescued from the flood.

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Made from brightly colored painted ceramic, this adorable Judaica menorah is perfect for children, especially those who are familiar with the Bible story of Noah’s Ark.  Each candle holder rests atop one of the many species of animals Noah brought aboard the Ark to protect from the forty-day-long deluge G-d brought on the world.  The base of the Hanukkah menorah is stylized as a long, green boat, in which all the animals sit, which floats on curvy blue waves.  The “shammash,” also known as the raised light, is to one side, resting atop the crowing rooster’s head.
The holiday of Chanuka would never have been celebrated if not for a great miracle and the valiant efforts of the priestly Maccabi family, who fought for the freedom of the Jewish people during a period of foreign occupation and merciless religious subjugation.  Following their victory, the Jewish people began restoring the Temple, which had been defiled by the Assyrian invaders during their occupation.  However, only enough pure oil remained undefiled in their stores, which might only light the Menorah for barely a day.  A miracle occurred, and the oil lasted eight days.

  • Size (cm): 20
  • Size (Inch): 7.8