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  • Gold Domed Jerusalem Hanukkah Menorah with Oil Pitcher
    Gold Domed Jerusalem Hanukkah Menorah with Oil Pitcher

Gold Domed Jerusalem Hanukkah Menorah with Oil Pitcher

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Bring festive light into your Jewish home during the Hanukkah holiday with this elegant, artistic menorah/hanukiyyah candelabra. Its metal surface is intricately engraved with small buildings reminiscent of the Old City, Jerusalem - often dubbed the City of Gold. Appropriately, all of the tiny, domed rooftops that dot this menorah’s surface are made of glittering gold.

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Celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights with this elegant and functional piece of Judaica artwork, a Hanukkah menorah.  Designed for use with oil and wicks (as opposed to wax candles), this beautiful Chanukah Menorah comes with a matching pitcher for easily pouring oil before the ritual.  Engraved into this eight-branched candelabra’s metallic surface are tiny, intricate details, including tiny gold embellishments, are reminiscent of the brickwork of Israel’s oldest and holiest city, Jerusalem (Yerushalayim).  No matter where an observant Jewish person lives, lighting the Hanukkah candles with this special menorah with designs inspired by the Old City of Jerusalem will artistically remind one of the great miracle that happened there.

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah/Chanukah may be anglicized in a million ways, but its rituals are simple and universal.  It bears resemblance to a large gold candelabra used in the Holy Temple in ancient times - the miracle we celebrate is that despite a shortage of oil after a war with the Assyrians, a single flaskful of oil kindled the Temple menorah’s fires for eight whole days.

  • Size (cm): 17*25 CM
  • Size (Inch): 6.6 x 9.8