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  • Large Gold plated Diamond Design Hanukkah Menorah
    Large Gold plated Diamond Design Hanukkah Menorah

Large Gold Diamond Design Hanukkah Menorah

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Large, gold color plated and elegant, this Menorah is a classic, very much resembling the original Temple Menorah. It’s certainly the perfect piece to light up the night on Hanukkah and is a beautiful addition to any collection.

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The diamond base and stem add sharp angles that contrast nicely with the curving branches and candle holders at the top. The gold color plating and little adornments ornamenting the piece make it a beauty to behold, perhaps even reminiscing to the awe that was felt in the temple days when one saw the original Menorah.
This piece is perfect for the Hanukkah holiday, and will look quite beautiful when the lit candles reflect on the gold branches. As if its grace and bearing alone is not enough, its significance as a symbol to Judaica culture certainly makes it even more unique.

  • Size (cm): 35
  • Size (Inch): 13.7