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  • Simple Tin Hanukkah Menorah with Glass Cups
    Simple Tin Hanukkah Menorah with Glass Cups

Simple Tin Hanukkah Menorah with Glass Cups

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Simplistic in its artistic design, this rectangular tin Hanukkah menorah combines modernity with tradition. Eight regular glass cups and a shammash are raised above a gold-colored tin base, intended for containing oil and wicks and letting the natural beauty of the Hanukkah lights shine!

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MSRP: $9.95
Sale price: $5.95

Simple but beautiful in its design, this tin rectangular Hanukkah menorah is a modern take on a timeless Judaica item. Its nine lights - eight for each night of the holiday, and an elevated one for carrying the guiding flame - illuminate from tall glass cups ideal for holding oil and wicks.  The simplistic style of this menorah allows for the holiday lights to take center stage on all eight nights.
The holiday of Hanukkah (alternatively spelled as "Chanuka") is an eight-day festival observed by Jewish people towards the end of the calendar year.  It celebrates many great miracles performed for the Jewish people thousands of years ago in the Holy Land, during the era of the Second Beit HaMikdash, in the face of religious persecution at the hands of the Assyrians.  One such miracle relates to the menorah in the Holy Temple, when a single remaining flask of consecrated oil lasted not one, but eight days.

  • Size (cm): 30
  • Size (Inch): 11.8