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  • Tin Chabbad Style Simple Hanukkah Menorah
    Tin Chabbad Style Simple Hanukkah Menorah

Tin Chabbad Style Simple Hanukkah Menorah

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This Chabad style Hanukkah Menorah strongly stands out from what could be called „standard“ Menorah. It is composed of thin tubes and cylinders. The result is artistic Hanukkiah, aimed for lovers of extremely modern style Judaica.

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This Chabad style Hanukkah Menorah is aimed for those who insist on extremely modern style. It is made of tin, and has simple and quite artistic appearance. The Hanukkiah is formed of thin tubes which create circular base, flat stem and straight branches, and of cylinders for candle holders. There are no other decorations or ornaments – just basic shapes and lines. And the result is the Menorah which reminds of a modern sculpture. This untypical piece of Judaica shows how contemporary design can be successfully applied to traditional ritual object. Whether you would like to see it in your home environment, or give it as a Hanukkah gift, you can be sure that it will not stay unnoticed.
That’s why let this Chabad style Hanukkiah be the center of the great Jewish Festival of Lights during the eight-day celebration.

  • Size (cm): 20 CM
  • Size (Inch): 7.8