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  • Adorned Blue Enamel Mezuzah Case Set with Stones
    Adorned Blue Enamel Mezuzah Case Set with Stones

Adorned Blue Enamel Mezuzah Case Set with Stones

No Longer Available

A breathtakingly beautiful blue enamel Judaica mazuzah, set with intricate patterns of blue stones and metal stripes. With awe-inspiring artwork and craftsmanship ahead of its time, this elegant mezuzah case is bound to adorn any doorpost it is affixed to with jaw-dropping beauty.

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MSRP: $27.95
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A unique and breathtakingly beautiful mazuzah, made of deep royal blue enamel, and decorated with strikingly intricate patterns of rhinestones and gems. The Hebrew letter Shin - representative of one of G-d’s holy names - is formed of three featherlike plumes, each topped with a dainty round blue stone. There are no words to describe the full extent of how gorgeous this mezuzah truly is - affixing one of these mezuzah cases to a doorpost in your home or community’s synagogue is sure to turn it into a work of art.
The mezuzah is a small Judaica box, generally made of ornately decorated metal, enamel, wood, or plastic, that is designed to contain a small rolled parchment, upon which the words to the Shema prayer have been carefully handwritten in Hebrew calligraphy by a sofer, a qualified Jewish scribe. Mezuzot or mezuzos serve as a reminder to passersby of the Jewish person’s special connection with their one and only G-d.