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  • Framed White Enamel Mezuzah Case Set with Stones
    Framed White Enamel Mezuzah Case Set with Stones

Framed White Enamel Mezuzah Case Set with Stones

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A gorgeous white enamel Judaica mezuzah, decorated with thin swirls of decoration and framed by two rows of silver, pink, and brown rhinestones in harmonious, coordinated patterns. Larger champagne pink colored round stones decorate the center of the mezuzah, completing this contemporary design.

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A modern, contemporary artistic take on an age-old traditional Judaica item, this beautiful white enamel mazuza is decorated with avant garde swirls and studded stones in hues of pink and white, in eye-catching patterns. The rhinestones serve as a frame around a pattern of swirls, the Hebrew letter Shin, and large, champagne colored round rhinestones that decorate the center portion of this mezuzah. Two loops come out of the top and bottom of the mazuza case, for when the case is nailed into your doorpost, without damaging the central designs. Perfect for use on the doorposts of your beautiful Jewish home, or in the synagogue.
A mezuzah is a small, ornate box, generally made from enamel, plastic, wood, or metal, that Jewish people affix to the doorposts of their homes and synagogues, which contains a small, rolled handwritten parchment with the text of the Shema prayer. Everything about the mezuzah - the Shema parchment and the Hebrew letter Shin that symbolizes G-d’s name - is symbolic to passers-by of G-d’s special connection with His creations.