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  • Frosted White Glass Mezuzah Case with Gold Dotted Shin
    Frosted White Glass Mezuzah Case with Gold Dotted Shin

Frosted White Glass Mezuzah Case with Gold Dotted Shin

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A sightly and functional take on a classic piece of Judaica, this minimalistic frosted glass mezuzah case is decorated by an elegant Hebrew letter Shin, embedded in the glass and made from dotted gold. With its smooth edges and simple artistic style, this case does not clash with most interior designs.

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Handmade, kosher Mezuzah Parchment Scroll

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A modern variant of an age-old Judaica item, this gorgeous glass mezuzah case is equally functional and traditional, neither factor sacrificing itself for the other. The case is ornamented by an elegant, dotted gold Hebrew letter Shin that is embedded in the front panel. With its streamlined, rectangular design and minimal artistic style, this sleek mezuzah case blends in harmoniously with most interior decor.
The mezuzah is a symbolic Judaica item that Jewish people affix to the doorposts of their houses and synagogues. A small, rectangular case built to house a small, compactly rolled parchment with verses from the Hebrew Shema prayer. Today, mezuzah cases are made commonly from materials like glass, enamel, wood, plastic, and metal. Often, mezuzos are decorated by a prominent letter Shin, which represents one of the holy G-d’s many Hebrew names. In its entirety, when visible on doorposts, the mezuzah serves to remind the occupants of a building of Hashem’s presence in the universe, and encourages people to conduct themselves in ways that would please Him.