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  • Glass Mezuzah Case with Gold Elongated Shin
    Glass Mezuzah Case with Gold Elongated Shin

Glass Mezuzah Case with Gold Elongated Shin

No Longer Available

An elegant, textured glass Judaica mezuzah case, for use in a synagogue or Jewish household. Minimalistic, functional, and stylish in its design, this glass mazuza case is adorned with an engraved gold-colored Hebrew letter shin, reminiscent of a burning flame.

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This is a beautiful and elegant textured glass Judaica item called a mezuzah case, which many devout Jewish people mount in the doorposts of their homes and synagogues. With its minimalistic and stylish design, this mezuzah is both eye-catching and functional, certain to beautify any doorway. Engraved on the front panel is a prominent gold colored Hebrew letter Shin, representing one of the Almighty’s most sacred names, and resembling the flames of a burning fire.
Mezuzos are ornately decorated rectangular boxes, designed to carry a small, rolled up parchment containing the words of the Shema (also found in the Book of Deuteronomy). The mezuza serves to remind passersby of their special relationship with G-d, His Oneness, and the mitzvot He entrusted to the Jewish people. Nowadays, mezuzah cases are often made from metal, enamel, glass, wood, or plastic, and come in varying degrees of adornment. Many styles are available - the type of mezuzah you choose to have in your home depends on your artistic preferences.