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  • Glass Mezuzah Case with Silver  Elongated Shin
    Glass Mezuzah Case with Silver  Elongated Shin

Glass Mezuzah Case with Silver Elongated Shin

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This beautiful wavily-cut glass mezuzah for the Jewish home or shul, is both functional and elegantly minimalistic in its design. This mezuzah is adorned with a prominent silver Hebrew letter Shin, and has a hole on both the top and bottom of the case, for nailing it to your doorposts.

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Handmade, kosher Mezuzah Parchment Scroll

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An elegantly minimalistic and functional version of a traditional Judaica item, this glass mezuzah case is suitable for mounting to the doorways in your Jewish home. Prominently adorned with a large silver Hebrew letter Shin - which symbolizes a holy name of Hashem, G-d - this mezuzah is a simple but artistic addition to your home. The case has a small hole bored through the top and bottom, making it incredibly easy to nail or tack to a wooden doorpost.
Mezuzahs are commonly made from metal, glass, wood, plastic, or enamel. They are long, narrow cases that come in a variety of sizes and patterns, ranging from simple to all-out avant garde. The purpose of a mezuzah is to remind passersby of the Almighty’s constant presence, and that we should conduct ourselves throughout our day-to-day lives in a way that pleases Him.