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  • Glass Mezuzah Case with Silver Vertical Shadai
    Glass Mezuzah Case with Silver Vertical Shadai

Glass Mezuzah Case with Silver Vertical Shadai

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A beautiful and modern textured glass Judaica mezuzah for your Jewish home and synagogue, inscribed with the Hebrew letters, in silver-colored metal, Shin, Daled, and Yud. This combination of Hebrew characters represents one of the Almighty G-d’s holiest of names.

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This beautiful, contemporarily designed mezuzah, made from fine, textured glass, is the perfect Judaica addition to your Jewish home or place of worship. It is inscribed with a sacred combination of Hebrew letters in silver colored metal: Shin, Daled, and Yud, which symbolize one of Hashem’s (God’s) holiest names.
A mezuza is a small, often decorated case made commonly from glass, enamel, metal, plastic, or wood. Many Jewish people customarily affix a mezuzah to every doorpost in their homes and synagogues (except for doorways leading to the restroom). The mezuzah’s presence on a doorpost reminds passersby of their relationship with G-d. In Judaism, there are many combinations of Hebrew letters which spell out different names for the Holy One, Blessed is He. Jewish people take the commandment of not using G-d’s name in vain very seriously, and typically refrain from unnecessary use of any of His names. (Some go so far as to avoid exclaiming, “Oh, my G-d!”)