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  • Glass Mezuzah Case with White Glass Elongated Shin
    Glass Mezuzah Case with White Glass Elongated Shin

Glass Mezuzah Case with White Glass Elongated Shin

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A serenely beautiful, contemporary glass Judaica mezuzah, perfect for affixing to the doorways of your Jewish home. A flame-like Hebrew letter Shin, for one of the Almighty’s sacred names, is engraved in the finely textured glass, and there is a hole on the top and bottom of the casing for ease of attachment.

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This modern, contemporary textured glass mezuzah is serenely beautiful and perfect for mounting to the doorways of a Jewish home. The front panel is inscribed with the Hebrew letter Shin in a majestic, flame-like style, representing one of the sacred names for G-d. Designed to be affixed with nails, this mezuzah case has two small holes, one on the top and bottom, for ease of use. With its elegant, minimalistic style, this textured glass mezuzah case is both functional and traditional, without sacrificing one aspect for the other.
Mezuzos are small, rectangular Judaica  boxes that are built to hold a rolled up parchment containing the verses of the Shema prayer from the Book of Deuteronomy (6:4). In the present day, mezuzah cases are typically made from glass, enamel, wood, plastic, or metal. The mezuzah, when mounted in a doorway, serves to remind passersby of their connection with the Creator, and the mitzvot He has given us to observe.