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  • Intricate White Enamel Mezuzah Case Set with Stones
    Intricate White Enamel Mezuzah Case Set with Stones

Intricate White Enamel Mezuzah Case Set with Stones

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An intricately designed white enamel Judaica mezuzah for use in the home or synagogue, set with swirling patterns of coral, silver, and white colored studded rhinestones. Designed to contain a rolled parchment handwritten with sacred Scriptural verses by a Jewish scribe, a sofer.

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A beautiful, intricately designed Jewish mezuzah case made of white enamel and decorated with small silver, pink, and white studs and rhinestones, arranged in swirling patterns, and a large white stone in the very center. A small, calligraphic Hebrew letter Shin adorns the upper portion of the mezuzah, symbolizing one of G-d’s holy names and man’s special connection with his Creator. There are holes on the top and bottom of the case for ease when nailing the mezuzah casing to your doorpost. Great for use at home or at the synagogue, this Judaica mezuzah is sure to beautify the doorposts of any building.
Mezuzos / mezuzot / mezuzahs (anglicized plural form) are small, decorative boxes made of plastic, wood, enamel, or metal, designed to contain small rolled parchments handwritten in a special Hebrew calligraphy by a sofer, a qualified Jewish scribe, with the words of the Shema prayer. The same complex fonts used when handwriting a Torah scroll are used on the mezuzah parchment, and are written with the same meticulous care.