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  • Matte Frosted Glass Mezuzah Case with Shin
    Matte Frosted Glass Mezuzah Case with Shin

Matte Frosted Glass Mezuzah Case with Shin

No Longer Available

An elegant matte glass mezuzah in a watery shade of light blue, reminiscent of the ocean. Adorned with a silver letter Shin, representing one of G-d’s holy names, this mezuzah serves to remind passersby of their connection with the Creator.

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A beautiful and elegant glass Judaica mezuzah case, made of matte glass in a vibrant, welcoming shade of Caribbean blue. This mezuzah case is also adorned with a silver Hebrew letter Shin, representative of one of Hashem’s holy names. Affixing this unique mezuzah case to your doorposts is sure to enhance the beauty of your Jewish home or your synagogue.
A mezuzah is a small, decorative case that is often made from wood, glass, plastic, metal or enamel, and designed to carry a small, rolled up parchment containing the words to the “Shema” prayer, written by hand in ancient Hebrew calligraphy by a specially trained Jewish scribe. The Shema begins with the verse, “Listen, O Israel, Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is One.” In its entirety, the mezuzah serves to remind Jewish people passing by of their special connection with their Creator.