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  • Old City Jerusalem Cutout Aluminum Mezuzah Case
    Old City Jerusalem Cutout Aluminum Mezuzah Case

Old City Jerusalem Cutout Aluminum Mezuzah Case

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A beautiful, silver colored aluminum mezuzah box, embossed with designs reminiscent of the Jerusalem Old City’s ancient brick buildings and resilient shrubbery. The mezuzah is also embellished with an artful Hebrew letter Shin, representing one of G-d’s holy names. Affix this mezuzah on the doorposts of your home, symbolic of spiritual protection and religious pride.

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Handmade, kosher Mezuzah Parchment Scroll

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This is a gorgeous silver colored Judaica mazuzah case for the Jewish home, decorated with depictions of ancient brick buildings and resilient greenery, reminiscent of the Old City of Jerusalem in Israel. Also gracing the surface of this mezuzah is the Hebrew letter Shin, which represents one of G-d’s holy names and symbolizes His benevolent, unwavering protection.
Mezuzot / mezuzos / mezuzahs contain a small parchment, containing sacred scriptural verses hand-written in Jewish calligraphy by a qualified scribe. The verses contained in a Mezuzah case can also be read in the Shema prayer, recited several times a day by observant Jews, serving as a reminder of a Jewish person’s special connection with the Creator. Every Jewish home should have a mezuzah affixed to the doorposts of their home - not only is it a reminder of G-d’s presence and His relationship with us, it is a welcoming beacon to other Jewish passersby.