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  • Rectangular Aluminum Mezuzah Case Matte
    Rectangular Aluminum Mezuzah Case Matte

Rectangular Aluminum Mezuzah Case Matte

No Longer Available

This is a beautiful matte white Mezuzah case, built from an all-aluminum body and possessing superior quality. It brags a simplistic yet regal look. Not only is it going to be an appreciated asset of your sweet home, but it will also be a fantastic gift for your close ones at any Judaica occasion.

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MSRP: $19.95
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Modest and elegant usually do not come together in one sentence. But an exception must be made for this Mezuzah case, as it displays both these attributes. The full metal body has been brushed matte white and adorned with a Hebrew Shin symbol on the top of its face. There are two nailing attachments on the top and bottom, to fit it at your house.
The Mezuzah case is an important part of the Judaica culture. The Shema scribe is kept inside the case and hanged on the entrance of the home to bless any visitors which come by. This is a recommended case to purchase. It has been manufactured utilizing the highest standards of craftsmanship and will definitely impress you. The package has passed quality control and will ship in a secure packaging to any address of your choice.