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  • Wheat Cutout Aluminum Mezuzah Case with Stones
    Wheat Cutout Aluminum Mezuzah Case with Stones

Wheat Cutout Aluminum Mezuzah Case with Stones

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A beautiful silver colored aluminum Judaica mazuza, embellished with pomegranate and wheat cutout designs - reminiscent of Israel’s fruitful produce - and studded with small rhinestones. The case is also adorned with a cutout of the Hebrew letter Shin, symbolic of one of G-d’s holy names.

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Handmade, kosher Mezuzah Parchment Scroll

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A beautiful aluminum, silver colored Judaica mazuzah case for doorposts in the Jewish home, decorated with pomegranate and wheat cutouts. The designs are reminiscent of produce from the Holy Land, Israel. The rhinestone studded case is also decorated with a prominent Hebrew letter Shin, representing one of G-d’s holy names. Affixing a mezuzah to every doorpost in the Jewish home (save for the doors leading to restrooms) serves as a reminder of a Jew’s special connection with the Creator.
Jews around the world have faithfully embraced the Torah commandment of fixing mezuzot at the doorposts of their homes for centuries. The Mezuzah casing holds selected sacred texts from the Torah in the book of Deuteronomy that affirms a Jew's belief in the oneness of G-d at all times as well as to profess one's love of G-d and transmit this belief to all his generations for all time. G-d promises great bounty to the faithful Jew who lovingly keeps this precious commandment of affixing the mezuzah in his home and everlasting security to the promised land of Israel.