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  • Ornately-Etched Sterling silver Menorah with curved arms: Hadad bros
    Ornately-Etched Sterling silver Menorah with curved arms: Hadad bros

Ornately-Etched Sterling silver Menorah with curved arms: Hadad bros

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Graceful curves throughout give this ornately etched Hanukkah Menorah a graceful look, while serving as a background for the beautiful etchings on the base, column and stems. This sterling silver made in Israel weighs 390 grams.

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44 Candles

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This uniquely crafted Hanukkah Menorah abounding with curves is a distinctive piece of Judaica art, at the same time enabling the lighting of Chanuka candles in style for all 8 days of this Jewish holiday.

The base of the Hanukkia rests atop four curved legs etched like leaves in bud.  The shape of the base is squared, but each side of the square is gently curved in and out to give a flowing, soft look.  Four narrow steps in smooth silver help taper the base into the column which then flows upwards in a graceful line.  Each facet of the four sides of the bottom of the column is etched with flowers and leaves framing a smooth oval which looks like a mirror.  Right above, the column narrows dramatically into a square shape etched with more of the same flowers.  As below, the lines of this square curve outward and downward to soften the shape.  Above the square, a small section of rounded column flows into another vertical square, where each side of the square is slightly rounded.  This square serves as the base for a further section of the column.  Although square, it becomes slightly wider, and is etched with vertical lines, topped by another mirror shape medallion framed by more etching.  The final part of the column is a horizontal squared softened frieze, topped by one more rounded piece. 

This piece serves as the base for two arms which gracefully curve upward and outward.  Each of these arms has a tightly curved leaf bud at each end, and is etched with a row of miniature dots from beginning to end.  The top and bottom of the arms have two facets each in shiny smooth silver, which will beautifully reflect the light of the Hanukkah candles.  This design of the arms is repeated for the eight actual stems of the Menorah, which are ingeniously held by the two bottom arms.  All arms end at precisely the same height, each holding a smooth candle cup which can be used to light either wax or oil candles.

A ninth arm is set sideways and higher than the eight arms, serving as a base for the candle cup of the Shamash – (literally "servant" in Hebrew) used to hold the candle which then is used to light the rest of the candles.

Happy Hanukkah is our wish to you when you purchase this Menorah for yourself or as a present. 

Weight: 390 g
Height: 40 cm / 15.7 inch

  • Size (cm): 40
  • Size (Inch): 15.7
  • Silver weight: 390 grams