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  • 4XL Yemenite Shofar Horn (44-47 inch)
    4XL Yemenite Shofar Horn (44-47 inch)
  • Silk Shofar Bag
    Silk Shofar Bag
  • Velvet Shofar Bag
    Velvet Shofar Bag
  • Yemenite Shofar Stand Acrylic
    Yemenite Shofar Stand Acrylic

4XL Yemenite Shofar Horn (44-47 inch)

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This especially long Shofar horn is complete with all of the extras: professionally deodorized and sterilized by the producer/and carved with an easy blow mouth end. choice of Natural or fine polished finish. The perfect dedication for your house of worship

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Please note that the shofar colors may vary to the one shown on this page as it is a natural item and colors and appearance may vary.
Each Shofar is produced utilizing African Kudu Horn and goes hand in hand with a cleaned finish. Every Shofar is checked before delivery. The Shofars are made by The Ribak Family in Tel-Aviv. 
Those are Rare shofars of unordinary length that makes them hard to get. All our shofars are Certified Kosher by the Israel Chief Rabbinate. 
These  shofars are Easy to Blow and cleaned and aerated before they are sent. 
Shofars are twisted and cleaned horns with openings at the top and most reduced part. As showed by Jewish Law, a Shofar may not be created utilizing a cow's horn. since this is suggestive of the affection of the Golden Calf as censured in the Torah. 
On the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah, the Shofar is blown 100 times to infer the New Year. It is in like manner blown at the end of the Yom Kippur organization to imply that this day of penitence and distinguishment has landed at an end
  • Size (cm): 112-120
  • Size (Inch): 44-47